Sunburn Remedies

Sunburn Remedies
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Home Remedies for Sunburn
Natural sunburn treatment starts at home. Here are some effective steps that also act as first aid for sunburn.

  • Drink plenty of fluids like water and juices to prevent dehydration. When you get sunburn your body is dehydrated and the best way to avoid dehydration is by consuming as much fluid as you can. But always remember to take fluids at short intervals and not all at one time. Avoids drinks like alcohol, beer and soda, these drinks will further dehydrate your body.
  • Keep the burned areas cool. Take a bath immediately in cool (not cold) water. Soak the burned areas with wet cloth and do not scrub or use any kind of soap or bath oils. These types of cooling down your burned skin will decrease the pain instantly.
  • After cooling down your skin, you can apply Aloe Vera to the burned areas but avoid applying heavy creams, petroleum jelly, butter and other greasy products for they may clog the pores of the burned skin and delay the process of healing.
  • Stay out of the sun and avoid getting burn for the second time. If you have to be outdoors then you must wear loose and light colored clothes over the sunburn areas. Also apply sunscreen lotion and wear a sun glass to protect the areas where you cannot cover with clothes.
  • If the pain is severe, take OTC or anti inflammatory medications to ease the pain.
  • Tea without sugar helps to sooth and relief some of the discomfort of sunburned skin. It is one of the best sunburn remedies.
  • Applying lavender oil and yogurt in the sunburned areas also help in healing quickly.
  • If you have got sunburn in any part of your face then you can apply slices of tomato, cucumber and potato. These ingredients that are contained in these vegetable are greatly helpful in giving complete relief and healing the sunburn most effectively.
  • Vinegar is also effective in relieving the painful effects of sunburn. Apply vinegar soaked with a towel or cotton in the sunburned areas after every 4-5 hours regularly.
  • Intake of vitamins can reduce sunburn damages and helps in healing quickly.
  • Consume lot of fruits that are high in water contents like watermelon, oranges, sweet limes and cantaloupes.

There are many more home remedies for sunburn; these are the simplest ones. It is better to try these home remedies for sunburn before you rush to your doctor for a medical treatment. The main advantage of natural sunburn remedies is that they have no side effects.

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